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Classic Rock Rewind

Trashed hotel rooms, rebellions, run ins with the law, and all the antics that went down on the road… we don’t expect you to remember the details of what happened with the wild artists of the classic rock generation. April gives you the rundown every weekday on Classic Rock Rewind! She takes a look back at what happened on each date in rock history. Pass the stories on to your friends, learn something new, and maybe we’ll even bring back the memories of a show you got to be at!

Steve Gorman SPORTS!

Steve knows sports, and unsurprisingly, he has opinions on them. Listen live to hear updates twice a night about the world of sports with valuable insights, stories, reminders of the past, and more! No, he will not fill out your bracket for you… but he might have some advice. After all, he talked about sports professionally for years.

In The Dirt with April Rose

A long time ago, April Rose started digging… and she struck gold. Well, metaphorical gold. Every Tuesday, April gives you all the dirt and inside information on the most legendary classic rock stories. Clearly there’s no lack of unrestrained rockstar tales, and Detective April will get the lowdown!

Questionable Wisdom

We’re not questioning Steve Gorman himself… he’s just fine. He wants to know how he can help you! Come lay down on his figurative couch and let us publicly help solve your problems. Whether you take Steve’s advice or not, that’s up to you. He’s got some wisdom from the road and wants to pass it on! Call us and leave your question at 844-4-GORMAN.

Friday Night Live

There’s nothing better than live music, right?! We bring that energy to you every Friday when Steve chooses a live track from a band you know and love. 20 minute drum solo, anyone?

Face Off

Ozzy vs. Black Sabbath? A million dollars now or $15,000 a month for life? Gummy bears or gummy worms? Some questions are simple, don’t think just answer! Face off comes at you three times a week when Steve and April just can’t possibly agree. Help them out by choosing a side on our Facebook and Twitter polls!

April’s Archives

April has it all… and in those archives are some of the best classic rock stories you may never have heard on air. Reminisce listening to Kurt Cobain talk about how little he actually knew about music, Paul McCartney gabbing about John and Yoko, and so many more surprises. She’s using all her resources to bring the audio right to your speakers every Thursday night!


And In Other News…

And In Other News…

Black Crowes’ Former Drummer Steve Gorman Sues Band Over Royalties “Steve Gorman, the former drummer of the Black Crowes, is taking his ex-bandmates Chris Robinson and Rich Robinson to court. Gorman, an original member of the Southern roots-rock band who played on the Crowes’ 1990 breakthrough debut Shake Your Money Maker, filed a lawsuit against the Robinsons and “The Black Crowes Partnership”…

Vote for the 2022 STUPOR BOWL Superstars!

Vote for the 2022 STUPOR BOWL Superstars!

Listen, we’ve all done some dumb things in life… but not many of us could one-up the rockstars we listen to on a nightly basis. Ever incite a riot? Get chained up to a toilet so you wouldn’t trash your place? Ever think the Predator is after you so run naked through a golf course…

Donate to Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund

Donate to Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund

Kentucky and surrounding areas, including my hometown, have never seen such destruction as the tornadoes that hit Friday night, December 11th. If you have any ability to donate and assist our brothers and sisters in the wake of this devastating storm, please do so here. Visit https://secure.kentucky.gov/formservices/Finance/WKYRelief for more information, and thank you.

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