New Jim Morrison Writings to be Released in June!

The world will see new Jim Morrison for the first time in decades as “The Collected Works” has been unearthed and gathered together for release. Before his death in 1971, the Doors frontman handwrote a list titled “Plan for Book” that includes unrecorded lyrics, poetry, excerpts from notebooks, and even a film treatment.

David Browne of Rolling Stone writes, “To be published June 8th by HarperCollins, The Collected Works of Jim Morrison: Poetry, Journals, Transcripts and Lyrics promises to be something of a Morrison motherlode. At nearly 600 pages long, the book — compiled with the cooperation of his estate — pulls together most of his previously published work, from song lyrics to poetry (“Horse Latitudes,” “The Celebration of the Lizard”), as well as the entirety of the posthumously published writing collections Wilderness and The American Night.”

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