Vote for the 2022 STUPOR BOWL Superstars!

Listen, we’ve all done some dumb things in life… but not many of us could one-up the rockstars we listen to on a nightly basis. Ever incite a riot? Get chained up to a toilet so you wouldn’t trash your place? Ever think the Predator is after you so run naked through a golf course holding a maid as a human shield?? They did that. We want to know what you think were the dumbest moves these guys made and Steve will tell the winning stories on the show February 11th, before the weekend of the big game. We’re gonna find out who the real STUPORstars are! Vote online through Facebook, twitter, or links posted below. Happy voting!

Bracket ONE: Ozzy vs. Billy

Bracket TWO: Nirvana vs. Jimmy Page

Bracket THREE: KISS vs. AC/DC

Bracket FOUR: The Stones vs. The Doors

Bracket FIVE: Keith Moon vs. Slash